Everyday Science New MCQs Paper for PPSC FPSC SPSC NTS

Everyday Science New MCQs Paper for PPSC FPSC SPSC NTS

  1. What is the only source of new alleles?

    a) Crossing over
    b) independent assortment
    c) Mutation
    d) Fertilization
    e) None of these

    37. Polygenic characteristic are controlled by :

    a) Dominant genes
    b) Recessive genes
    c) Multiple genes
    d) Mutated genes
    e) None of these

    38. Which of the following , lists the four stages of food processing in order?

    a) ingestion , digestion , absorption , elimination
    b) digestion , ingestion , absorption , elimination
    c) ingestion , absorption , elimination , digestion
    d) absorption , digestion , ingestion , elimination
    e) None of these

    39. In humans , most nutrient molecules are absorbed by the :

    a) small intestine
    b) stomach
    c) liver
    d) large intestine
    e) None of these

    40. The energy needed to fuel essential body processes is called :

    a) Essential nutrient level
    b) Basal metabolism
    c) None of these
    d) recommended daily allowance
    e) Optimum energy intake

    41. Which of the following is an organic molecule needed by the body in small amounts?

    a) Protein
    b) Vitamin C
    c) Zinc
    d) Monosaccharide
    e) None of these

    42. Inhaled air passes through which of the following in the last?

    a) Bronchiole
    b) Larynx
    c) Pharynx
    d) Trachea
    e) None of these

    43. Which of the following is a form of sexual reproduction?

    a) Hermaphrodites
    B) Fission
    c) Fragmentation
    d) Budding
    e) None of these

    44. Cobalt is a material which is :

    a) Strongly attracted by a magnet
    B) Not attracted by a magnet
    c) not a magnet
    d) Weakly attracted by a magnet
    e) None of these

    45. Laughing gas has chemical composition of the following two elements which are :

    a) Nitrogen + Hydrogen
    b) Nitrogen + Carbon
    c) Nitrogen + oxygen
    d) Oxygen + Carbon
    e) None of these

    46. Hepatitis A is transmitted to different individuals by :

    a) Water
    b) Sneezing
    c) Spit
    d) Foeces
    e) None of these

    47. The unit that coordinates different devices of the computer system is :

    a) ALU
    c) Control unit
    d) Logical instruction
    e) None of these

    48. The most abundant element present is in the human body is :

    a) Nitrogen
    b) Oxygen
    c) Carbon
    d) Hydrogen
    e) None of these

    49. Cancer can be treated by :

    a) Antibiotics and vaccines
    b) Radiotherapy and antibodies
    c) Chemotherapy and radiotherapy 
    d) Antibodies and chemotherapy
    e) None of these

    50. Animals obtain carbon dioxide mainly from :

    a) Starch
    b) Sucrose
    c) Glucose
    d) Glycogen
    e) None of these

Everyday Science New MCQs Paper for PPSC FPSC SPSC NTS