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263. 24. The Khyber Pass links which two countries?
264. Afghanistan and Pakistan.
265. 25. Name the six US states that comprise New England.
266. Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts.
267. 26. Which musical instrument is played by both exhaling and inhaling?
268. Harmonica (or mouth organ).
269. 27. The northern part of which country is called Oesling?
270. Luxembourg.
271. 28. Napier is a city in which country?
272. New Zealand.
273. 29. What is the Hook of Holland?
274. A port in the southeast Netherlands,
275. 30. The river Douro forms part of the border between which two countries?
276. Spain and Portugal.
277. 31. In which country is the Great Slave Lake?
278. Canada.
279. 32. Which six countries border the Black Sea?
280. Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine.
281. 33. Kathmandu is the capital of which country?
282. Nepal.
283. 34. What name is given to a mixture of bicarbonate of soda and tartaric acid used in cooking?
284. Baking powder.
285. 35. AOL are an internet service provider. What does AOL stand for?
286. America Online.
287. 61. Quantas is the national airline of which country?
288. Australia.