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319. 77. Which nun won the Nobel prize for peace in 1979?
320. Mother Teresa.
321. 78. How many points in the pink ball worth in snooker?
322. Six.
323. 79. Which scientist was named ‘Person of the Century’ by Time Magazine?
324. Albert Einstein.
325. 80. What kind of creature is a monitor?
326. Lizard.
327. 81. Which medical specialty is concerned with the problems and illnesses of children?
328. Pediatrics.
329. 82. Who sailed in Santa Maria?
330. Christopher Columbus.
331. 83. What name is given to the stiffening of the body after death?
332. Rigor mortis.
333. 84. Which country was formerly known as Malagasy Republic?
334. Madagascar.
335. 85. Addis Ababa is the capital of which country?
336. Ethiopia.
337. 86. The name of which North African city literally means ‘white house’?
338. Casablanca.
339. 87. Of what sort of fish is the dogfish a small variety?
340. Shark.
341. 88. Which Asian country was divided at the 38th parallel after World War II?
342. Korea.
343. 89. What is the name of the Winter Olympics event that combines cross-country skiing and shooting?
344. Biathlon.