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345. 90. Which American science-fiction writer wrote Fahrenheit 451?
346. Ray Bradbury.
347. 91. For which powerful opiate is diamorphine the technical name?
348. Heroin.
349. 92. How many dominoes are there in a normal set?
350. 28.
351. 93. Who was cartoonist who created Batman?
352. Bob Kane.
353. 94. Aerophobia is a fear of flying, agoraphobia is a fear of open spaces, what is acrophobia a fear of?
354. Heights.
355. 95. In computing, how is a modulator-demodulator more commonly known?
356. Modem.
357. 96. An auger bit is used to drill what type of material?
358. Wood.
359. 97. What part of the wheelbarrow is the fulcrum?
360. The wheel.
361. 98. What C is a device used to determine small lengths, of which a vernier is one type?
362. Caliper.
363. 99. Rip, chain and band are types of which tools?
364. Saw.
365. 100. What calibrated tool was the standard tool for engineers and scientists prior to the invention of the hand-held calculator?
366. Slide rule.
Pakistan General Knowledge MCQs Solved
368. Complete History About Pakistan
369. Lord Cornwalls is associated with permanent settlement of Bengal.
370. • Delhi proposals presented by Quaid-e-Azam in March 1927.
371. • Nehru Report was produced by Motilal Nehru in 1928.
372. • Shoaib Qureshi was one muslim member who took part in writing the Nehru Report.
373. • Fourteen-Points-of-MA Jinnah came in March 1929 from Delhi.
374. • Simon-Commission-1927 visited India in 1928 and consisted of 7 members.
375. • British cabinet minister Cripps came to India in March 1942.
376. • Civil Disobedience Movement started by Gandhi on 12th March, 1930.

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