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424. • Shakespeare (not William Shakespeare) was the governor of Banarus.
425. • Mohammadan Political Association was formed in 1903.
426. • Partition of Bengal announced on 1st Sept: 1905 & implemented on 16 Oct: 1905 by Lord Curzon.
427. • Partition of Bengal annulled: 10th Dec: 1911 by Lord Hardinge.
428. • Swadeshi movement was started against Partition of Bengal.
429. • Bengal divided in East Bengal (Muslim Bengal) & West Bengal (Hindu Bengal) in July 1905 by Lord Curzon. Capital of Muslim Bengal was Dacca and that of Hindu Bengal was Calcutta.
430. • The partition of Bengal was annulled on 12th Dec: 1911 by King George-V and Queen Marry.
431. • The president of Simla Deputation (1st Oct: 1906) was Agha Khan III and secretary was Mohsanul Mulk.
432. • Muslim League founded on 30 Dec: 1906 at Decca.
433. • ML was formed in the annual session of Muslim Educational Conference in Decca with the proposal of Nawab Salimullah.
434. • The HQ of ML was established at Lucknnow.
435. • Initial membership of ML was 400.
436. • Mohd: Ali Johr wrote the constitution of ML: The Green Book.
437. • Inagural session of ML was presided by Nawab Samiullah.
438. • Inagural address was delivered by Nawab Vikarul Mulk.
439. • First session of ML was held on 30th Dec: 1907 at Karachi.
440. • First session of ML held in Karachi 31st Dec: 1907 was presided over by Adamjee Pri Bhai of Bombay.
441. • The original name of Mohsanu-ul-Mulk was Mehdi Ali Khan.
442. • Original name of Waqaul Mulk was Molvi Mohd: Shah.
443. • 1st President of ML was Agha Khan III. (upto 1913).
444. • Sir Agha Khan remained permanent president of ML till 1913.
445. • First VC of Aligarh University was Agha Khan 3.
446. • Agha Khan III was born in Karachi and was buried in Egypt.