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• . ________ was a good player of flute
• Hazrat Dawood (AS)
• . Hazrat Musa (AS) married the daughter of the prophet —————–
• Hazrat Shoaib (AS)
• . He sacrificed a bull, placed woods on it and the fire come from the sky to cook that meat. Which prophet is credited with this miracle ?
• Hazrat Ilyas (AS)
• . After sleeping for a 100 years he again woke up :
• Hazrat Uzair (AS)
• . As a result of Hazrat Zakria`s (AS) prayer the following prophet was born ?
• Hazrat Yahya (AS)
• . Hazrat Yousaf (AS) was thrown into a well by his brothers. What was his age at this time ?
• 15 years
• . Hazrat Yousaf (AS) remained in the well for
• 3 days
• . Hazrat Yousaf (AS) was put into the jail by the king of Egypt. He remained behind the bars for
• 5 years
• . Hazrat Yousaf (AS) and Hazrat Yaqoob (AS) met each other after the period of
• 40 years
• . The following prophet was the maternal grandfather of Hazrat Ayub (AS)
• Hazrat Loot (AS)
• . Hazrat Ayub (AS) was famous for his quality of
1. The Swadeshi movement means
Boycott of goods (British goods)
2. Simla Deputation was led by
Sir Agha Khan
3. Who moved the resolution for establishing Muslim League?
Nawab of Dacca
4. Who delivered the Presidential address in which the Muslim League was established?
Nawab Waqr ul Mulk
5. Separate electorate was awarded to Muslims in