BOK Women Batch Trainee Officer BTOs Jobs 2023 NTS Written Test MCQs Syllabus Paper PDF Apply Online

BOK Women Batch Trainee Officer BTOs Jobs 2023 NTS Written Test MCQs Syllabus Paper PDF Apply Online

Bank of Khyber is announcing the great opportunity of women to join this prestigious Bank as Batch Trainee Officers (BTOs). We are inviting applications from Female Graduates for placement of various functions of the Bank across the country.

Eligibility Criteria:

Qualification: 16 Years of education preferably in Commerce, Business, Economics, Statistics, Public Administration, Computer Science & Information Technology or related other disciplines relevant to Banking Industry with minimum 60% marks from university/ college recognized by the HEC of Pakistan.

Age: Maximum age limit shall be 29 years as on the closing date of submission of application form.

Location: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Islamabad/ Karachi/ Lahore regions as well as other cities across Pakistan.

How to Apply Online NTS

Application Form can be filled online on National Testing Services (NTS) website

Note: NTS will not issue Roll Slips through couriers/ postal service to any candidate. Eligible candidates shall take print out of their Electronic Roll No Slip (have picture of candidates) through NTS website for appearing in the test.

Please submit your test fee Rs.460/- via 1link 1Bill Participating Banks. ATM/ Internet Banking/ Mobile Banking/ Easy Paisa/ Jazz Cash/ TCS Express Counters. Only 1Bill invoice payment will be accepted.

Application must be received latest by October 21, 2023.


BOK Women Batch Trainee Officer BTOs NTS Written Test MCQs Solved Paper

Who is Bank of Khyber current MD & CEO

Mr. Muhammad Ali Gulfaraz has joined The Bank of Khyber (BOK) as Managing Director & CEO on 12th August, 2021. Mr. Ali Gulfaraz brings with him an extensive professional experience of 25 years in global corporate and investment banking.

The average of the polynomials, 2×2 + 5x -6, 5×2 – 5x – 6 and 30 – 7×2 is:

The average of the polynomials, 2x2 + 5x -6, 5x2 – 5x – 6 and 30 – 7x2 is:

(A) 14
(B) 6
(C) 18
(D) 5x

Answer: (B) 6


First, we find the sum of the three polynomials, than divide the answer by 3.
Sum of the three polynomials

2x2 + 5x – 6
5x2 – 5x – 6
-7x2 + 30 / 18

Now, Average = Sum of the three polynomials / 3

= 18 / 3 = 6

  1. the answer is 6.

_____ sector contributes the major share in the economic activity of Pakistan.

(A) Agriculture
(B) Industrial
(C) Services
(D) Manufacturing

Answer: (C) Services

Race : Fatigue

(A) Walking : Running

(B) Art : Bug

(C) Fast : Hunger

(D) French : Athlete

Answer: (C) Fast : Hunger

Population growth rate of Pakistan 2021 is about:

(A) 0.5 %

(B) 1 %

(C) 1.9 %

(D) 2.5 %

Answer: (C) 1.9 %

The main cause of the export surplus is:

(A) The country’s stringent import policy

(B) The country’s exports promotion value

(C)) Developments in national and international markets

(D) None of the above

Answer: (D) None of the above

Pakistan is the biggest importer of:

(A) Machinery

(B) Petroleum

(C) Plastic

(D) Tea

Answer: (B) Petroleum

Current monetary policy rate in Pakistan is _____ per annum:

(A) 9 %

(B) 11 %

(C) 13 %

(D) 15 %

Answer: (D) 15 %

Pakistan’s first female Supreme court judge is:

(A) sajida Begum

(B) Ayesha Malik

(C) Zartaj Gul

(D) Nafisa Shah

Answer: (B) Ayesha Malik

The longest jump by a kangaroo is:

(A) 8 meters

(B) 10.5 meters

(C) 12.8 meters

(D) 14.5 meters

Answer: (C) 12.8 meters

On 8th September, 1958, Pakistan purchased the Gwadar enclave from:

(A) Saudi Arabia

(B) China

(C) Oman

(D) United Arab Emirates

Answer: (C) Oman