CSS PMS Pakistan Affairs Must Prepare this Question 2018 asked regarding Sir Syed Ahmad Khan Question Completely Solved Must Prepare Now this Question for PMS CSS Exam 2018

CSS PMS Pakistan Affairs Must Prepare this Question 2018 asked regarding Sir Syed Ahmad Khan Question Completely Solved Must Prepare Now this Question for PMS CSS Exam 2018

FPSC PPSC CSS PMS Mostly this question asked 7/10 times regarding Sir Syed Ahmad Khan. 98% aspirants give answer in wrong way that’s why they fail in exam. Examiner don’t want your bookish answer as Ahmad’s education institutions, political bond, social and cultural stability. He wants you to depict the other side of the picture.
I am going to explain the every inch of the question. Accurate, Figuratively, with complete references (If anyone has any query then please check these references)

Question: Evaluate the impact of the services rendered by Sir Syed Ahmad Khan towards the regeneration of the Muslims?

Answer: Sir Syed Ahmad Khan’s ambition is not to impart education but he established his institutions only for the Muslims bond as;

“I was born with a sight to only ligament Muslims as One nation and educational institutions are the fundamental kernel to show subcontinent that Muslims are great and the great” (1858)
(Book Name: Ahmad Initials written by Chaffer Z.Oluip)

He was a sub clerk in the Court of law in 1835 and promoted to Chief Judge in 1846. He was a magnate for British Govt. as he saved British women and children in 1857 war and was awarded with the Governorship and British passport but he refused by saying that;

“I have seen how Hindu and English toppled and trying to topple the Muslim in stability” (July 1858)
(Book Name: Stories of subcontinent written by Willie B. opart)

When he visited Bhopal in 1858 he was shocked to see that how Muslims felt revulsion at eath other only by the backbitting of Hindus. He sent summon to local Muslim authority and to public to gather in Kitla Baagh.

*Kitla Baagh had the space of 15000 persons and completely filled by Muslims. Because Ahmad was a great magnate in subcontinent and Muslims had a complete mind set about his toothsome personality.
**In Sumreed Pura Kitla Baagh (Now merged in Bhopal) 1858;

“Muslims! We are one. We have to follow the Quran instructions as It is the complete code of practice. We should stop hating each other as Muslim is only made for conferring -Amity-Unity-Equity” 
(Note: This is also called Ahmad’s 3 motivational Y’s – Explanation is underneath)
* , ** (Book Name: Kitla Baagh Ka Rawat written by Rama P. Achin Jee)

He was dejected as Muslims didn’t show spark and livelihead after his prompting speech. 

“Three men (Lord Bitcin, Count Bhima Shankar, Tripoli Kalia- Vice President Ram Nagar Party) were also invited to Kitla Baagh. After seeing the Muslim’s deadness Count Bhima Shankar said on stage (in humor), “Mr. Ahmad Khan your 3 Y’s seemed to be deadway for them” 1858.
(Book Name: A dialogue with Stirrer written by Suzanne and Watson)

After this deleterious conversation Sir Syed Ahmad Khan didn’t loose heart. He did a vouch to his soul to stand the Muslims on one podium.

“Hakeem Baksh (1813-1875) was a deep-rooted friend of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan. He also jotted down different articles and books in 1800’s for Muslims. He said, “ I had a meeting with Ahmad and he was aroused to inject liberty, oneness and peace in Muslims by giving them education which would be consisted of moral , social , current”
(Book Name: Indomitable Personality written by Suap Nicora)

In early’s 1859 when there was a blurb about his academic educational institutions , a newspaper agency in England printed this statement on front page,
“After the disaster of 3Y’s , Ahmad be on Board of Trade?”
(Book Name: Ahmad’s strive for Muslims written by Jolp Olpipin 1904-E)

Hindus were in full swing to unshaped Sir Syed Ahmad Khan’s plan. But Sir Syed was fully committed and aroused to inject the Unity in Muslims and was in groundwork to fortify every tribulation.
Hindu’s delegations were sent to England Throne to stop Sir Syed Ahmad Khan’s mission because Hindus were worried about the Muslims who mought be on their caput. After that delegation Sir Syed also went to England for sanction.

He went to Lord Stinsford George in England for sanction but Lord was mucked-raking by Hindus and said, 
“There are lots of institutions then why you need an extra academy?”
(Book Name: White Man’s arbitration written by Quin D.Loob 1918-E)

He gave his powerful arguments. Sir Syed fadged, in his sanction and came to Muradabad.
1- School in Muradabad:
He established Persian school in Muradabad in 1859. 48 boys and 31 girls initially enrolled in school. Hindus thwarted this institution in different ways. 
Sir Syed had launched 1 extra class for the motivation. The result came in positive way as Hakeem Baksh said,

“One day some parents came to us with subjugate news saying that our children show prosilient result in learning , manner and behavior and always talk about Muslim Unity. After earshot this news I see a victory smile on Sir Syed’s face”
(Book Name: Sir Syed’s Institutes written by Huligt Koof translated into Urdu as Sir Syed kay Idareey by Prof.Naeem Bakht)

2- School in Ghazi Pur:
After the succession of Muradabad a new advance school was established in 1862. Hindu families was also enrolling their brats in this school as it was popular as “Best Man Maker” school. This was the moto of school “Unity never lets you down”. More than 1000 candidates including Hindus were enrolled in one year.
(Moorti Bella Bai)

3- Scientific Society:
This society was established in Ghazipur in 1863. Sir Syed Named this institution as ‘Scientific’ which refers to the ‘Make Headway’. Even this institute got probity in Europe as ‘Philosophy of the Lyceum’. The main work of this society was to convert foreign language books into Urdu. Even Hindus send their books to this society for Urdu translation. In 1864 more than 562 books were translated into Urdu.
(Book Name: Chronology in 1900 Written by Jatabhai Patail)

As Sir Syed Said,
“Easy way to apprehend the knowledge of solidarity, placidity and maturity into Urdu which makes a valence among Muslims”
(Book Name: Sir Syed’s Institutes written by Huligt Koof translated into Urdu as Sir Syed kay Idareey by Prof.Naeem Bakht)

4- M.A.O School/College/University:
Highly prettified school which was established in 1875, was converted into college in 1877, later on it was upgraded to Muslim University Aligarh in 1920.

It got idolization through out the globe as Lord Stinsford George said,

“ I weened Muslims as a one nation, they proved, I pay homage to Sir Syed-He is the man who usher the Muslims on one platform with the help of such tools that world brush up on and take their hats off to them”
(In 1876- in the general meeting of East india company quoted by Lal Ramakrishan)

Sir Syed again Invited Count Bhima Shankar in 1890 in the annual college function. Function was so big that it hosted 1500 Vip’s (Foreign-Including Lords, Peers) and 3000 (Counts , Reputed Figures from subcontinent) and 6113 students(Which were officially enrolled)

Sir Syed Said (Hinted at Count Bhima Shankar),
“Now 3Y’s transmutated from deadway to prowess of unanimity”
A great encomium given by onlookers at this statement.
(Book Name: Prodigious Remarks by Syed written by Julia Goosep 2002-E)

This is how Sir Syed Ahmad Khan rendered his services towards the regeneration of Muslims.

Note: I have written this question very Laconic. I have only selected Education as a main subject. This question is so lengthy that’s why I didn’t mention Social, Cultural , Moral matters.
If you have any query in any subject, matter. Or you want more Questions, Data etc. Please comment me. Thanks with best Regards.

CSS PMS Pakistan Affairs Must Prepare this Question 2018 asked regarding Sir Syed Ahmad Khan Question Completely Solved Must Prepare Now this Question for PMS CSS Exam 2018