English Lecturer PPSC Paper MCQs Correct Answers 2017

English Lecturer PPSC Paper MCQs Correct Answers 2017

Analogy questions:

“Platitude, cliché”       “sage, wise”    

Decanter : Pour           “monument, venerate”

Truism : Obvious         daredevil : audacious 

Lie : Prevaricate          “waver, falter ”           

Vitriol : Bitter alabaster : white         

Invective : Blame        masonry : construct    

Vernacular : Regional fluctuation : irregular 

Virulent : Poisonous    “disparate, distinct”    

Grenadier : Army        “count, nobility”         

Fake : Authenticity     “latent, manifestation”           


grandiloquent  lofty in style   

ebullient          cheerful          

hneophyte       new participant          

loquacious       trivial conversation     

(I cant recall fifth one)           


Brazen shy      

extrinsic           inherrent         

obdurate          submissive      

whimsical/capricious   steadfast         

fluster  calm    

Shakespeare’s comedy rival? Ben jonson       

philosopher in merchant of venice?    portia  

shakespeare dramas contained continental and … elements  mediterranean

the rape of lucrece was written in 1594         

“shakespeare did not write about? Henry 4, henry 5, henry 7”          henry 7           

The lady of May was written by philip sidney          

shakespeare inverted which syntactic structure of english sentences …       

Marlowe was stabbed by Ingram Frizer        

Thomas more was counsel to Henry VIII      

“Father of Daniel Defoe, James Defoe was a ”          butcher           

chomsky was born on “7th December, 1928”

Dryden in 1663 married Elizabeth sister of Sir Robert Howard       

One mcq was about the parliamentary life of Francis Bacon but forgot the statement

Important incident of 1642-1651? civil war  

approx period of elizabethan age 1550 to 1660         

the araignment of paris was written in 1584  

Spenser was secretary to …. (question forgot)          

Macaulay gave Bentinck act for indian education in 1835   

“Milton alluded to whom in this line “”Me thought I saw my late espoused saint””? Cromwell, etc ”          “cathrene Woodcock, his wife.”

literacy rate of pakistan at the time of independence was 15

literacy ratio of women in pakistan who have acquired ten years of schooling is 18pc        

“literacy ratio of women in tribal areas is: 9pc, 9.5pc, 9.8 pc, none of these ”           none of these (3pc)    

“highest literacy among islamabad, lahore, abottabad is ”      lahore 

In how many languages subject comes at the beginning of the sentence?    

“implicature was coined by: chomsky, skinner, HP wells, none of these ”     none of these (HP Grice)       

Technology enhanced learning method TEL was introduced in

“binding in linguistics is done by: a. anaphora, cataphora, exophora, none.” anaphora         

binding and government theory was given in 1980s 

the term forensic linguistic was coined by Jan Svartvik        

“Halliday worked for which stylistics, african, italian, british ”         British

“prague school influenced, semantics, semiotics, syntax ”     semiotics        

“the linking in sentences is done by, conjoining, discourse marker, both,”    both

“history of administration dates back to, 3000 years ago, 4000, 5000”        

types of administration 3       

eclectic approach takes from different sources          

“crow and crow pinpointed the main aim of education, good citizenship etc”          good citizenry

ever-lasting teaching method perennialism    

against experimental knowledge

types of administration according to …

jamia milia islami was founded by maulana shaukat Ali       

“most important element of education is, learner, evaluation ..”       

“deobund movement used revision of curriculum as: motive, need, … ”        motive

“least important: test, assessment, …”            test     

“wide term is: aims, instructive objectives, goals”      aims    

supervision does not mean disturbing teacher but cooperating with him is said by

“process of presenting content in an easy form: approach, methodology …”           

“combination of aesthetics and ethics is: ontology, epistemology …”          

“according to aristotle, diction consists of … elements ”       8         

“process of investigating permanent difficulties is: summative assessment, formidable, none etc”   none (diagnostic)           

current education policy was made in …       2009   

“by 2018, the share of gdp allocated to education is ”           4pc     

“linguistic law (I forgot) was it, this law? in linguistics, Menzerath-Altmann law): This law states that the sizes of the constituents of a construction decrease with increasing

size of the construction under study. The longer, e.g. a sentence (measured in terms of the number of clauses) the shorter the clauses (measured in terms

of the number of words), or: the longer a word (in syllables or morphs) the shorter the syllables or words in sounds).


“in the early phase, teaching should be: critical, corrective, creative ..”        

“lower case x is the symbol for: fricatives, voiced affricates etc ”     Voiceless velar fricative**     

“stod is: alveolar, veolar etc ”  glottal stop     

“test consisting of different patterns is: intelligent test, scholastic etc ”       

translation method was given by …. (forgot): david tracks etc

“which bronte sister was died at the age of 29? Anne, charlot, emily”          anne (1820-1849)       

how many poems of Wyatt published in his life time none

x bar theory was given in 1970          

“syllable having no onset is : null onset, zero onset, etc”        null onset

syllable having coda is closed syllable           

“combination of nucleus and coda is: nuclei-coda, rhyme, rime etc” “rhyme, rime (I think both)”   

title of regius orator to john skelton is given in …     1513-1514      

armstrong was exponent of …            problem solving method        

“tagmeme … chomsky, pike, none, and fourth option was?” bloomfield or Pike

phatic communication term was coined by Bronis?aw Malinowski

dogme methodology …         

dogme principles        

English Lecturer PPSC Paper MCQs Correct Answers 2017