ESE Computer Science Solved Official Sample Papers NTS Test 2017-2018

ESE Computer Science Solved Official Sample Papers NTS Test 2017-2018


Complete the sentences by choosing the most appropriate option, from the given choices (A to D) below each.

1.     There is a meeting _______ Friday.

A.           by

B.           on

C.           in

D.          at

Four options (A to D) follow a related pair of words given in capitals. Select the option that best expresses a relationship similar to that expressed in the original pair.

2.     BIRD: CHIRP::

A.           lion: roar

B.           fish: school

C.           lamb: shears

D.          scorpion: sting

Choose the option or phrase that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the word in capital letters.

3.     ORIGINAL:

A.           useful

B.           admissible

C.           complex

D.          borrowed

Change the voice of the following. (Active & passive voice)

4.     Fazal attends a wedding party.

A.           A wedding party is being attended by Fazal

B.           A wedding party was attended by Fazal

C.           A wedding party is attended by Fazal

D.          A wedding party was being attended by Fazal

Change the narration of the following (Direct & indirect speech)

5.     Boy said, “I have captured the yellow snake”

A.           Boy said that I have captured the yellow snake

B.           Boy said that he had captured the yellow snake

C.           Boy said that he have captured the yellow snake

D.          Boy said to capture the yellow snake

Choose the word most similar in meaning to the capitalized ones.

6.     STUDY:

A.           to gain

B.           to read

C.           to absorb

D.          to earn

Read the passage to answer questions 7-8

There never used to be as many cars on the road as there are today. It seems that as we improve the roads, more people want to drive. The more roads there are, the more cars there are on them. In addition, people are driving bigger and bigger cars. This also contributes to more crowded roads. However, this trend will probably change as soon as gasoline prices increase. The higher the price of gasoline, the smaller cars get. One thing we probably won’t be seeing any time soon is faster cars. If you want to get somewhere quickly, you still have to go by plane. Fortunately, plane tickets are a lot cheaper than they used to be.

7.     What is said about roads and cars?

A.           Fewer people drive nowadays

B.           The number of cars increases as roads improve

C.           There will be fewer cars on the roads in the future

D.          There are fewer good roads today

E.           The longer the road, more are the cars and vise versa

8.     Why will more people start driving smaller cars?

A.           The price of gasoline is going up

B.           The roads are getting crowded

C.           The roads are getting smaller

D.          The price of bigger cars is too high

E.           The price of smaller cars are very cheap


9.     All of the following are important languages of Pakistan except:

A.           Punjabi

B.           Hindi

C.           Urdu

D.          Pashto

E.           None of the above

10. “Hinduism and Islam are not merely two religions but they are two separate social systems. It would be a dream to think that Hindus and Muslims will form a common nation”. Who said this?

A.           Allama Iqbal

B.           Muhammad Ali Johar

C.           Quaid-e-Azam

D.          Ayub Khan

E.           Sir Syed Ahmed Khan


.11                                   قرآن مجید کتنے عرصے میں نبزل ہوا؟

.A  دش ضبل

.B  تیئص ضبل

.C  بیص ضبل

.D  تیص ضبل

.12                                   ضب ضے افضل جہبد ـــــــــــــــــــ ہے۔

.A  کفبر کے خالف

.B  نفص کے خالف

.C  دین کے لیے

.D  دوضت کے لیے


13. Sialkot is famous for:

A.           Carpet industry

B.           Textile industry

C.           Sports industry

D.          Chemical fertilizers

14. Khthamandu is the capital of _______.

A.           Nepal

B.           Tibet

C.           Bhutan

D.          Maldives

15. Who is the Chief Minister of Punjab province?

A.           Shahbaz Shareef

B.           Aslam Raissani

C.           Qaim Ali Shah

D.          Pervaiz Khatak

16. Which of the following countries hit by Mother of All Bombs (MOAB) in April 2017?

A.           Iraq

B.           Syria

C.           Afghanistan

D.          North Korea


17. Stack is most useful in implementing _________ sort.

A.           Accurate

B.           Slow

C.           Quick

D.          Queue

18. The heart of a digital computer is:

A.           Logic unit

B.           Memory unit

C.           Control unit

D.          Visual display unit

19. Which of the following keys does not hold uniqueness property?

A.           Candidate key

B.           Primary key

C.           Foreign key

D.          Secondary key

20. A network type in which all computers have equal status:

A.           Communication links

B.           WAN

C.           Peer-to-peer

D.          Direct-connect

21. Corel Draw is a/an ___________.

A.           Graphics/drawing software

B.           Operating system

C.           Word processor

D.          Software System

22. What layer of the OSI model does data compression?

A.           Presentation

B.           Data link

C.           Physical

D.          Network

23. Student and courses enrolled, is an example of:

A.           One-to-one relationship

B.           One-to-many relationship

C.           Many-to-one relationship

D.          Many-to-many relationship

24. _________ is a special, high speed storage area within the CPU.

A.           Memory

B.           RAM

C.           Register

D.          ROM

25. The ___________ of a computer cannot operate on any information if that information is not in its main storage.

A.           Motherboard

B.           ALU

C.           Microprocessor

D.          Logic unit


.26                     سچ بولنے والوں کا ٹھکانہ جنت ________ ہے۔

.A کو

.B  پر

.C                        کا

.D سے

.E               میں

.27                     گتھم گتھا کے معنی _____ ہیں۔

.A  لڑائی کرنب

.B  ہنطی مساق

.C ٓانطو بھری ٓانکھیں

.D  عست کرنب


Q #. Right Choice
1 B
2 A
3 D
4 C
5 B
6 B
7 B
8 A
9 B
10 C
11 B
12 B
13 C
14 A
15 A
16 C
17 C
18 C
19 D
20 C
21 A
22 A
23 D
24 C
25 C
26 E
27 A

ESE Computer Science Solved Official Sample Papers NTS Test 2017-2018