Everyday Science All Basic Scientific Units MCQs Paper

21-horse power————–unit of power
22-joule———————–practical unit of work
23-kg—————————unit of mass
24-kilowatt——————–unit of electrical power
25-knot————————-unit of speed
26-killowatt-hour————-practical unit of electrical power
27-lambert——————–unit of brightness
28-light year——————unit of distance for measuring astronomical distance
29-litre————————unit of volume capacity
30-lumen———————-luminous flux
31-lux————————–unit of intensity of lamination
32-maxwell——————–magnetic flux
33-meter———————-unit of distance
34-micro farad—————one millionth of a farad
35-millimicron—————-unit of length used in spectroscopy
36-newton——————–unit of work
37-oersted——————-unit of magnetic intensity
38-ohm————————unit of electrical resistance
39-poise———————-unit of viscosity
40-second——————-unit of time
41-volt————————practical unit of electric potential difference
42-watt———————–unit of power
43-weber———————unit of magnetic pole strength
44-x.u————————unit of length expressing x-ray wave length
45-gy-gray——————-absorbed radiation dose