Everyday Science Best Medical MCQs Paper for MBBS & BDS Students

Q.15  The basic element of all organic compounds is:
A)  Oxygen.
B)  Nitrogen.
C)  Hydrogen.
D)  Carbon.
Q.16  The most abundant carbohydrate in nature is:
A)  Cellulose.
B)  Glycogen.
C)  Fructose.
D)  Starch.
Q.17  Terpenoids are important group of compounds that are made up of simple repeating
A)  Acylglycerols.
B)  Isoprenoids.
C)  Phospholipids.
D)  Ketones.
Q.18  The number of types of amino acid that are found to occur in cells are:
A)  20.
B)  25.
C)  100.
D)  170.
Q.19  Bio-chemically enzymes are:
A)  Carbohydrates.
B)  Fatty acids.
C)  Hormones.
D)  Proteins.
Q.20  The presence of enzymes:
A)  Slows down the rate of reaction.
B)  Increases the rate of reaction.
C)  Does not show any change.
D)  Completely stops the reaction.
Q.21  Lock and key model of enzyme reacting with substrate was originally proposed by:
A)  Emil Fisher.
B)  Koshland.
C)  Robert Hook.
D)  Robert Brown.
Q.22  The major RNA in the cell is ribosomal RNA. It makes up:
A)  80% of total RNAs.
B)  58% of total RNAs.
C)  90% of total RNAs.
D)  40% of total RNA.