Everyday Science (General Knowledge) FPSC Past MCQs Papers

(43) Plants growing on other plants are called as:
(a)Saprophytes   (b) Parasites  (c) Epiphytes (d)Pathogens (e) None of these.
(44) As per eating habit, squirrels are:
(a) Frugivorous  (b)Herbivorous  (c) Carnivorous  (d) Omnivorous
(e) Insectivorous.
(45) Water loss from leaves through stomata is called as:
(a)Evaporation (b) Transpiration (c) Evapo-transpiration (d) Respiration
(e) None of these.
(46) The study of how plants and animals interact with one another and with the non-living environment is
called as:
(a)Ecosystem (b)Sociology (c) Ecology (d) Habitat (e) None of these.
(47) The number of bones in human body is:
(a)200   (b) 202 (c) 204  (d) 206 (e) None of these.
(48) Nervous system in human body consists of:
(a)Brain and spinal cord (b) Brain and nerves (c) Spinal cord and nerves
(d) Brain, spinal cord and nerves (e) None of these.
(49) In human eye, the light sensitive layer made of specialized nerve cells, the rods and cones is called as:
(a)The pupil (b)The cornea (c) The sclera  (d) The iris (e) The retina.
(50) Erythrocytes are also called as:
(a)Red blood cells (b) White blood cells  (c) Platelets
(d) Plasma  (e) None of these.