Inspector ANF Top Latest MCQs Anti Narcotics Force Sample Papers 2016 (Professional Test English Pak Affairs & Islamiyat) for FPSC Jobs

Inspector ANF Top Latest MCQs Anti Narcotics Force Sample Papers 2016 (Professional Test English Pak Affairs & Islamiyat) for FPSC Jobs

1.kinds of warrant
(a)1 (b)2 (c)3 (d)4
2.complain about crime can be made to
(a)superintendent of police (b)SHO (c)magistrate (d)none
3.1909 narcotics conference in which country
(a)UK (b) USA (c)china (d)none
4.accomplice is 
(a)partner in crime
5.plea of alibi to
(a)accused (b)witness (c)lawyer (d)none
6.head of ANF is called
(a)chairman (b)director general (c)inspector general (d)none
7.narcotics drugs are 
(a)opium (b)heroine (c)cocaine (d)all
8.UNODC regional office in Pakistan in 
(a)Peshawar (b)Islamabad (c)Karachi (d)none
9.narcotis drugs cases cause harm for Pakistan in 
(a)credibility (b)image (c)prestige (d)all
10.UNODC helping Pakistan by
(a)building capacity (b)training (c)awareness (d)all of women can be done by
(a) male (b)police officer (c)wise lady (d) lady constable in presence of police officer
12.burden of proof lies on 
(a)lawyers (b)prosecution (c)witness (d)court
13.drug abuse who
(a)uses in small qty (b)has control (c)uses excessive qty (d)all
14.forfieture of assets can be done by
(a)federal govt. (b)provincial govt. (c)magistrate (d)all
15.dealing with cultivation, financing and selling of narcotics is different
(a)true (b)false
16.sources of terrorist financing 
(a)charity (b)illegal business (c) hawala (d)all
17.who collect evidence 
(a)police (b)lawyer (c)court (d)all
18.if a police officer believes that a person have narcotics drugs or he is involved in such activity, he can arrest him without warrant 
(a)true (b)false of high court of Punjab province
(a)Punjab high court (b)Lahore high court (c)high court (d)none
20.who is competent to testify 
(a)lawyer (b)accused (c)court (d)all
21.senior most law officer of federal govt. is called 
(a)advocate general (b)prosecutor general (c)president of S.C bar (d) none
22.investigaion starts when
(a)crime accrued (b)court order (c)FIR logged (d)none
23.P.P.C stands for 
(a)Pakistan public court (b)paper production company (c)none
24.A asks B to murder C, B refuses 
(a)an offence (b)no offence
25.gender is used for 
(a)male (b)female (c)both is 
(a)male of 18 y age (b)old ager (c)any male (d)none
27.hurt can be done in
(a)body (b)property (c) hounour (d)all
28.small hurt is 
(a)offence (b)no offence (c)police can ignore (d)none
29.’treating’ is a kind of bribe 
(a)money or ornaments (b) food, drink etc (c)fear of violence (d)none
30.if a anyone drink who can be witness
(a)two male Muslims (b)three women (c)four Muslims (d)none
31.who is not a competent witness
(a)dumb person (b)deaf person (c)a lunatic (d)all
32.qatl e amd is liable to
(a)qisas (b)daman (c)arsh (d)all
33.punishments in injunctions of Holy Quran 
(a) qisas (b) tazir (c) hudood (d)all
34.right of private defence is extendable to death
(a)true (b)false
35.laws about money laundring and terrorism used in
(a)Pakistan (b)USA (c)around the world (d)none
37.cross examination of witness can be done by
(a)lawyer (b)accused (c)opposing party (d)none
38.leading question may be asked to 
39.irrelevant question may be asked by
(a)lawyer (b)accused (c)court (d)none
40.examination of witness means 
(a)medical examination (b)questioning (c) both a & b
41.after confession offender is given to
(a)police custody (b)judicial custody (c)free (d)none
42.identification parade in presence of 
(a)public (b)magistrate (c)prosecutor
43.purpose of identification parade?
44.confession is made in front of
(a)lawyer (b)public (c)magistrate
45.’bootless crime’ is 
(a) offence (b)small offence (c)serious offence (d)none
46.high court is criminal court
(a)true (b)false
47.if a child gets training of terrorism, he can be punished with
(a)death (b)25 years imprisonment (c) six months (d)none


1.Don’t make —- noise.
(a) with (b)a (c)the (d)none
2.No sooner I gave him money ——- he ran away.
(a) then (b)than (c)that (d)when
3.Hardly had he passed the exam ——- he got the job offer.
(a) then (b)than (c)that (d)when should listen to the seniors lest you ——- misunderstand the issue.
(a) should (b)am (c)may (d)would
5.My sister and I ——- going for exam.
(a) am (b)was (c)were (d)will
6.if I were he, I ——- respect him.
(a) will (b)shall (c)would (d)should

Pak Affairs & Islamiyat

1.mohinjodaro is in
(a) Sindh (b) Punjab (c) Blochistan (d) Peshawar
2.first chief justice of Pakistan
(a) Abdur rasheed
3.number of high courts in Pakistan
(a)2 (b)3 (c)4 (d)5
4.head of state of Pakistan is 
(a)PM (b)president (c)chief justice (d)none
5.National assembly is headed by
(a)chairman (b)speaker (c)PM (d)none
6.quaid e azam was appointed as governor general by
(a)king of UK (b)elections (c) referendum (d)none
7.tehlil is 
(a)kalma (b) reciting Quran
8.kashful mahjoob is written by
(a)mian waris shah (b)sir syed ahmad khan (c)none
9.first prophet of Islam was
(a) hazrat ibrahim (AS) (b) hazat ismail AS (c) hazrat adam AS (d) none
10.injeel was revealed on 
(a)Musa AS (b)Issa AS (c)Zakriya AS (d)none

Inspector ANF Top Latest MCQs Anti Narcotics Force Sample Papers 2016 (Professional Test English Pak Affairs & Islamiyat) for FPSC Jobs