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Every Day Science
Which acts as a resistance against disease in the body? White corpuscle
A fan makes a hot noon to feel cool by? Increasing the rate of evaporation
When a ship enters a sea from river, its portion under water will? Decreases
Different seasons are formed because? Revolution of earth around the sun
Humidity of the air?
Increases with the increase in atmospheric temp:
To an astronaut in spacecraft, the sky appears to be? Dark
Rich source of iron is? Green vegetables
Milk fever in cows occurs due to the lack of? Iron
Decrease in White blood cells result in? decrease in Antibodies
People suffer from Anaemia due to the lack of? Iron
Mouth and foot diseases in cattle are caused due to? Virus
Permanent hardness of water cannot be removed by? Boiling
In summer, man with excess perspiration feels weak because? Loss of more water through evaporation
Age of tree can be determined by? Counting the number of rings
First Muslim scientist who presented laws of reflection and refraction? Ibn ul Haitham
Laliophobia is the fear of? Speaking
First personal computer made in 1970s called? Altair
What is software? Instruction to a computer
Biggest computer company in the world? HP
Biggest company of computer software? Microsoft
Virus of AIDS affects the growth of? T cells in blood
Cirrhosis is a disease that affects? Liver
Goiter is associated with? Thyroid glands
A branch of medicine studying blood and its disorders is called? Hematology
Study of tissues is called? Histology
Branch of medicine dealing with eyes and related diseases is called? Ophthalmology
The internal antenna of a transistor set is made up of? Ferro-chrome
“Mach Number” is a term associated with the speed of? Aero plane
Common ore of Aluminum is? Bauxite
In typhoid which drug is administered? Chloromycetin
Hypochondria is a? state of morbid anxiety about one’ own health
In a fluorescent tube which component is found? Mercury Vapor
Helium is used for respiration in deep water instead of nitrogen because? It mixes less in blood than N2
Gerontology is the study of? Process of ageing
Turmeric is obtained from which part of a plant? Root