Inspector Inland Revenue New Compact Syllabus Test Paper for FPSC 2016-17 Download All Acts / Ordinance Must Prepare Now

17. The politician who served as both Governor General and Prime Minister was
a. Sir Zafrullah Khan b. Khawja Nazimuddin c. Gulam Mohammad d. None
18. The British Parliament announced the Independence Act on
a. 14 July 1947 b. 15 July 1947 c. 16 July 1947 d. None (3rd June)
19. India cut off the flow of canal waters to West Punjab for first time on a. 1ST April 1948 b. 1ST May 1948 c. 1ST june 1948
20. Kashmir sold to Gulab Singh in a. 1845 b. 1865 c. 1890 d. None


1.Best Military Commander Generals In The World 2016 is??
A) Raheel Sharif (Pakistan)
B) Martin Dempsey (United States)
C) Dalbir Singh (India)
D) Fang Fenghui (China)
2.Film made on the Life of Malala Yousaf Zai ??
A) A Girl in the River
B) He Named me Malala
C) Brave Girl Named Malala
D) Malala as peace Sign
3. Pakistan Boxer M. Waseem has won Medal in Boxing competition in July-2016??
A) Gold Medal
B) Silver Medal
C) Bronze Medal
D) Medal of Honor
4. United Nation has announced Nelson Mandela day??
A) 18 July
B) 12 October
C) 18 June
5. Largest NADRA office situated in??
A) Karachi
B) Lahore
C) Islamabad
D) Gujranwala
6. First time Mobile Mosques introduced in which Country in July-2016??
A) Saudi Arabia
B) Malaysia
C) Indonesia
D) Bangladesh
7. Which Pakistani Aircraft wins best aircraft trophy at Royal International Air Tattoo Show-2016 ??
A) F-16
B) F-777
C) C-130
D) C-17
8.Current Chair Person of OGRA (Oil & Gas Regulatory Authority ) Pakistan is??
A) Dr. Asim
B) Touqeer Sadiq
C) Ayesha Mumtaz
D) Uzma Adil
9. Oldest Cricketer to score Test hundred as captain??
A) Sachain Tandulkar
B) Brian Lara
C) Ricky Ponting
? D) Misbha ul Haq
10.Oxford University London honors to Which Pakistani Singer with lifetime achievement award in July 2016
A) Atif Aslam
B) Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
C) Abrar ul Haq
D) Shzia Manzoor