Inspector Inland Revenue New Compact Syllabus Test Paper for FPSC 2016-17 Download All Acts / Ordinance Must Prepare Now

35. Burhan Wani was killed in an encounter with the Indian security forces on 8 July 2016 in Kashmir was commander of??
A) Laskar e Tayyba
C) Hizbul Mujahideen
D) Jash e Muhammad
36. Punjab-Shandong Business Conference-2016 was held in??
A) China
B) Punjab
C) Japan
D) Turkey
37. when USA declared ISIS as terrorist Organization of the World??
A) 20 May-2016
B) 15 January-2016
C) 15 June-2015
D) 22 March-2016
38. Which Indian air base was attacked on January 2016 by a heavily armed group??
A) Amritsar ASF
B) Pathankot ASF
C) Mumbai ASF
D) Hyderabad ASF
39.Chief Minister of Sindh??
A) Mola Baxsh Chandew
B) Syed Muraad Ali Shah
C) Parvez Khatak
D) Murad Ali Shah
40. Summer Olympics-2016 will be held in??
A) Greek
B) Brazil C) Germany
D) Japan
41. First solar-powered aircraft which complete round the world trip in July-2016 ??
B) Solar Jet VI
C) Solar Impulse 2
D) Boeing 747
42.tour de france is a??
A) Car Race
B) Boat Race
C) Bicycle Race
D) Horse Race
43. A Pakistani documentary film ‘Song of Lahore’ was awarded with the Audience Choice Award at the London Indian Film Festival in July-2016 Directed by??
A) Andy Schocken along with Sharmeen Ubaid
B) Andy Schocken along with humayun saeed
C) Andy Schocken along with Syed Noor