Inspector Inland Revenue New Compact Syllabus Test Paper for FPSC 2016-17 Download All Acts / Ordinance Must Prepare Now

11. National Assembely of Pakistan Passed Cyber Crime bill, which is related to?
A) Remove Terrorism Activities
B) Illegal use of Internet
C) Punishment of Prisoners
D) Theft of Electricity
12. In absence of President of Pakistan who will perform as Acting president ?
A) Speaker National Assembly
B) Chairman Senate
C) Prime Minister
D) Interior Minister
13. O.I.C session in Turkey(Istanbul) in which 57 Islamic Countries has join is:
A) 11th Session
B) 12th Session
C) 13th Session
14-Current Affairs: Marriage Bill 2016 pass by?
A) Punjab Assembly
B) Sindh Assembly
C) KPK Assembly
D) Baluchistan Assembly
15. Speaker Baluchistan Assembly?
A) Dr. Shela Raza
B) Raheela Hammed Khan
C) Asad Qaisar
16. Operation ” Zarab-e-Ahan” started by Pak Army against Choto Gaing in?
A) Multan
B) Rajhanpur
C) North Wazirstan
17. Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan have signed 1300 Megawatt Electricity agreement, called?
A) PASA agreement
B) TASA agreement
C) APSA agreement
D) CASA agreement
18. Official residence of Tajikistan President??
A) Bagh e Iram
B) Qasar e Millat
C) None of above
19. NFC award stand for?
A) National Fiscal Commission award
B) National Finance Commission award
C) National Field Commission award
20. In 7th NFC award, which province got major Share?
A) Punjab B) KPK C) Sindh D) Balochistan
21. In 7th NFC award, which province got minor Share?
A) Punjab
C) Sindh
D) Balochistan