Inspector Inland Revenue New Compact Syllabus Test Paper for FPSC 2016-17 Download All Acts / Ordinance Must Prepare Now

Inspector Inland Revenue Complete MCQs Test Sample Papers 2017 for FPSC

1-Fuscal Policy?
2- GDP is?
3- GDP more than?
4-Fiscal is about?
5-Balance of trade is?
6-Promissory note?
7-Interest rate generally follows?
8-Inflation is?
9-Current federal budget? Surplus, Deficit, Balance, None
10-CPEC is signed b/w?
13-Devaluation encourages?
14-Agriculture contribution to GDP?
15-Tax GDP ratio is more than?
16-One rupee note is signed by?
17-Mode? most often
18-ECC is?
19-SRO stands for? None
22-ShahidHussain task constituted?
23-ShahidHussain task making reforms in?
24-FBR stands?
25-FBR comes under? None
26-FBR replaced?
27-Taxes on goods are collected by?
28-Head of FBR?
29-Federal Revenue taxes are collected by?
30-Indirect taxes are?
32-Head of RTO?
33-RTO collects?
34-Taxes laws passed by?
35-FBR collects more which tax?
36-TARP launched?
37-TARP stands?
38-TARP meant to?
39-CREST stands?
40-Federal Excise Act passed in which year?