Inspector Inland Revenue New Compact Syllabus Test Paper for FPSC 2016-17 Download All Acts / Ordinance Must Prepare Now

140. Pakistan is the world’s 9th largest ——– speaking country? English
141. In 1191 AD, the first battle of Terain was fought between Muhammad Ghori and Rajputs under the command of Govind Rai, brother of Prithvi Raj, Ghori was defeated in this battle.
142. In 1192 AD, second battle of Terain was fought and Rajputs were defeated in this battle
143. Battle of Tarrain was also known as Battle of Tarairi
144. Pakistan has the world’s 2nd largest —— mine? Salt
145. Youngest Pakistani boy to be certified Microsoft Professional? Babar Iqbal
146. Highest railway station in Pakistan? Landi Kotal
147. Moon completes its orbit around the earth in? 27.3 days
148. ————- is also called magnifying glass? Convex lens
149. People living in high altitudes usually have? Large number of RBC
150. The earth’s axis is tilted by? 23.5O
151. German Silver is an alloy of? Copper, Nickel and Zinc
152. Most reactive metal? Francium
153. First president of USA? George Washington
154. Kashmir state was bought by Gulab Singh from British ruler for? Rs 7.5 million
155. Kashmiri Muslim launched a freedom movement against Dogra Raj in? 1930
156. Father of modern chemistry? Antoine Lavoisier
157. X-rays were discovered by? Rontgen
158. Who invented moto-cycle? Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach
159. Vitamins was discovered by? Kazimierz Funk
160. Alfred Nobel is associated with the invention of? Dynamite
161. Disease usually spread through milk? Tuberculosis
162. Vitamin which is susceptible of heat destruction? Vitamin C

163. In Shimla deputation, how many Muslims leaders participated? 35
164. When Lord Minto II came to India as Viceroy? 1905
165. Reign of Lord Minto II in Sub Continent? 1905-1910
166. Muslim leaders drew up a plan of separate electorates for their community and presented it to viceroy? Lord Minto
167. Who were elected as joint secretaries of ML? Mohsin ul Mulk and Waqar ul Mulk
168. Who drafted rules and regulations of the ML? Muhammad Ali Jouhar
169. First central office of ML was set up at? Aligarh
170. Highest military award of Britain? Victoria Cross
171. Highest military award of India? Param Vir Chakra
172. Highest military award of Japan? Order of the rising sun
173. First film which wins the Oscar? Wings
174. Which computer was the first one to use the concept of stored program? EDSAC
175. WORM – Write Once Read Many
176. Cellophane was invented by? Bradenberger
177. Short sightedness is due to? Elongation of Eye ball
178. Parkinson is a disease of? Brain
179. Oncology is the study of? Cancer
180. 1 nibble = 4 bits
181. First constitutional structure was formulated in the Sub-continent in? 1861
182. Who passed Indian Councils Act 1861? British Government