Latest FESCO 74 Junior Engineer Jobs 2023 NTS MCQs Papers Written Test Syllabus PDF Prepare Now

Latest FESCO 74 Junior Engineer Jobs 2023 NTS MCQs Papers Written Test Syllabus PDF Prepare Now

Junior Engineer FESCO Jobs 2023 NTS MCQs Papers Written Test Syllabus PDF

Vacancy Positions:

  • Junior Engineer/ SDO = 72 Posts


B.Sc/ B.E/ BS (Bachelor of Science) in Electrical/ Electronics Engineering Degree 1st Division

  • Junior Engineer/ SDO (Civil) = 02 Posts


B.Sc/ B.E/ BS (Bachelor of Science) in Civil Engineering Degree in 1st Division

Note: Computer Knowledge particularly ERP/ SAP is mandatory for induction.

Age Limit: 33 Years

How to Apply Online FESCO Junior Engineer Jobs by NTS:

  • Applicants are advised to apply directly Online on the NTS website (
  • Neither by hand applications will be received at FESCO Faisalabad Electric Supply Company Limited HQ nor at NTS HQ.
  • Test fee of Rs.270/- (Two Hundred and Seventy) shall be paid at 1Link 1Bill Participating Banks/ ATM/ Internet Banking/ Mobile Banking/ Easypaisa/ Jaz Cash/ TCS Express Counters on the electronic payment challan generated after online registration.
  • Online printed copy of application form must be accompanied by legible attested copies of Degrees, Card/ Certificate, CNIC, Domicile, a recent photograph and proof of payment of test fee/ challan form (original)
  • NTS Online Application Form Last Date 03-01-2023

Latest Junior Engineer SDO FESCO Jobs MCQs Papers Written Test PDF

01․ Hysterics loop represents the area of

A. copper loss

B. eddy current loss

C. hysterics loss

D. total iron losses

02․ Thin laminations are used in a machine in order to reduce

A. Eddy current losses

B. Hysterics losses

C. Both 1 and 2

D. Copper losses

03․ Hysterics loss will depends on

A. f

B. f²

C. f³

D. f1.6

04․ Eddy current loss will depends on

A. Frequency

B. Flux density

C. Thickness

D. All of the above

05․ For very sensitive and wide speed control, the preferable control method is

A. Armature control.

B. Ward-Leonard control.

C. Multiple voltage control.

D. Field control.

06․ Ward-Leonard control is basically a __________ control method.

A. Field control.

B. Armature resistance control.

C. Armature voltage control.

D. Field diverter control.

07․ In Ward-Leonard system, the lower limit of the speed imposed by

A. Field resistance.

B. Armature resistance.

C. Residual magnetism of the generator.

D. None of above.

Junior Engineer SDO Jobs MCQs Test Papers FESCO

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08․ What is the shunt resistance component equivalent circuit obtained by no load test of an induction motor representative of?

A. windage and friction loss

B. core loss only

C. both 1 and 2

D. Copper loss

09․ What is the mechanical power developed by a DC series motor is maximum?

A. Back emf is equal to half the applied voltage.

B. Back emf is equal to applied voltage.

C. Back emf is equal to zero.

D. None of above.

10․ If field current is decreased in shunt dc motor, the speed of the motor.

A. remains same.

B. increases.

C. decreases.

D. none of the above.

11․ A conductor of length L has current I passing through it, when it is placed parallel to strong magnetic field. The force experienced by the conductor will be


B. BL2I.

C. BI2L.

D. zero.

12․ Electric field intensity (E) at ant point in an electric field is equal to

A. potential gradient.

B. (potential gradient)2.

C. (potential gradient)1/2.

D. (potential gradient)1/3.

13․ Inside a hollow conducting sphere

A. electric field is zero.

B. electric field is a non zero constant.

C. electric field changes with magnitude of the charge given to the  conductor.

D. electric field changes with distance from the center of the sphere.

14․ Two infinite parallel metal plates are charged with equal surface charge density of the same polarity. The electric field in the gap between the plates is

A. same as that produced by one plate.

B. double the field produced by one plate.

C. dependent on coordinates of field points.

D. zero.

15․ As a result of reflection from a plane conducting wall, electromagnetic waves acquire an apparent velocity greater than the velocity of light in space. This is called the

A. velocity of propagation.

B. normal velocity.

C. group velocity.

 D. phase velocity.

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Latest FESCO 74 Junior Engineer Jobs 2023 NTS MCQs Papers Written Test Syllabus PDF Prepare Now