Latest MCQs Sample Paper of Pakistan Affairs Current Affairs 2015-16 Must Prepare Now

101.The first Muslim League Government was formed in Sindh in ______.(1943)
102.Masjid Mahabat Khan is situated at _________.(Peshawar)
103.Masjid Wazir Khan is situated at ________.(Lahore)
104.Simla Delegation met _______ in 1945.(Lord Wevell)
105.In year ____ the Simla delegation headed by Sir Agha Khan met ______.(1906) (Lord Minto)
106.Liaqat Ali Khan born in ______ and become the secretary general of Muslim in _____.(1895)(1936)
107.Waris Shah wrote _________.(Heer Ranjha)
108.The total area of Pakistan is _________ and total population according to 1981 census is _____________ million/crores.(796096)(83782000)
109.Pakistan exploded its first atomic bomb at _______ in the year ______.(Chaghi)(May 1998)
110.Moen-jo-Daro is the province of ______.( Sindh).
111.The period of first five year plan was _________.(1955-1960)
112.Pakistan joined the non -Aligned Movement in in the year ______.(1979)
113.The first conferences of NAM was held at ______ in _______ and the second at _______.(Belgrade)(1961)(Cairo)
114.The fort of Lahore (Shahi Qila) was built by ________.(Jehangir)
115.Sind was conquired by Mohammad bin Qasim in the year ______.(712)
116.The head of the state is called _______ and head of the Government is called _______.(President)(Prime Minister)
117.The Secretariat of O.I.C is at ________ (Saudi Arabia) and RCD at ________.(Jeddah)(Tehran)
118.RCD is called now ________ .(R.E.C (Regional Economic Council)
119.The desert land of Sindh is called _______ and that Bahawalpur is called ________.(Thar)(Cholistan)
120.The first Saint to came South Asia ______________ is most important of all.(Hazrat Ali Hajveri)