Latest MCQs Sample Paper of Pakistan Affairs Current Affairs 2015-16 Must Prepare Now

11. The first Foreign Minister of Pakistan was a. Sir Zafrullah Khan b. Khawja Nazimuddin c. Gulam Mohammad d. None
12. Who was convicted in Rawalpindi Conspiracy case a. Faiz Ahmad Faiz b. Habib Jalib c. Shorish Kashmiri d. None
13. Pakistan purchased Gawadar from a. Oman b. U.A.E c. Iran d None
14. The largest Agency in the Northern Area of Pakistan is a. South Waziristan b. Khyber Agency c. Mohmand Agency d. None
15. Militants attacked Quaid e Azam Residency in a. Ziarat
 b. Karachi c. Quetta d. None
16. General Election of 2013 was held on
a. May 10 b. May 11 c. May 12 d. None
17. The politician who served as both Governor General and Prime Minister was
a. Sir Zafrullah Khan b. Khawja Nazimuddin c. Gulam Mohammad d. None
18. The British Parliament announced the Independence Act on
a. 14 July 1947 b. 15 July 1947 c. 16 July 1947 d. None (3rd June)
19. India cut off the flow of canal waters to West Punjab for first time on a. 1ST April 1948 b. 1ST May 1948 c. 1ST April 1948
20. Kashmir sold to Gulab Singh in a. 1845 b. 1865 c. 1890 d. None