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26 How many individuals have held the position of Field Marshal in Army of Pakistan?
Only One (Muhammad Ayub Khan)
27 Pakistan National Assembly consists of how many total seats?
28 Which is the highest Civil Award of Pakistan?
29 Which is the National Flower of Pakistan?
30 Who prepared the design of Minar-e-Pakistan?
Nasreddin Murat-Khan
31 Who prepared the design of Faisal Mosque?
Vedat Dalokay
32 Which is the largest dessert of Pakistan?
33 Which is the National Fruit of Pakistan?
34 Who invented the Diesel Engine?
Rudolf Diesel
35 Who was the first Governor-General of Pakistan?
Muhammad Ali Jinnah
36 Thal Desert is located in which province of Pakistan?
37 Who prepared the design of Mazar-e-Quaid?
Yahya Merchant
38 Who is called “Father of Internet”?
Vint Cerf
39 Which is the smallest province of Pakistan by Area?
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
40 Who wrote the first revelation? Khalid Ibn Said RA
41 What is the number of days in Islamic Calendar? 354
42 Which one is not metal? Diamond
43 How many district of Punjab? 36
44 Current chief of army star is? Qamar Javed Bajwa
45Which is the Biggest Land lock country ? Kazakhstan