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Educational B.A B.Ed M.A M.Ed MCQs Sample Papers

Education is life itself not a preparation for life according to ?
According to which philosophy permanence is more real than change ?
Perennialism is an educational philosophy of ?
Old values
The objective of education comes from ?
The application of philosophy in education may be ?
Selection of objectives
Philosophy and education are two sides of a coin according to ?
An important question of philosophy is ?
What is universe
To seek truth and reality is the subject of ?
Every system of education is based on ?
Ideology of nation
Word philosophy is derived from ?
Phila and Sophia
Expected life outcomes from education are referred as ?
Being the science of wisdom philosophy aims at ?
Search for reality
The first head of the Deoband was ?
Maulana M. Yaqub Nanautwi
The Deoband academy was totally ?
Non government