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(11) “Two treatises on civil Government” constitute the basic source
of Political thought of :


(12) Marx and Engels produced the famous book’ Common Manifesto’ In:

(13) “ Siyasatnama” and ‘Majma ul Wasaya’ are the two books on
administration attributed to:

Nizam ul Mulk Tusi

(14) Montesquieu by birth belonged to:


(15) Al-Ghazzali was a philosopher of :

11th century 

(16) Sepration of Ethics and Politics was the principle notion in the
philosophy of:


(17) A Bi-cameral legislature as most suited to:

Federal States 

(21) Ahya ul ulum is the work of:

Al Ghazali

(22) He is famous for his work “Muqaddameh”:

Ibn Khuldun

(23) The Bolshevik movement in Russia was led by: