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11) The head office of “The Khabrain” is in:

  1. a) Karachi
    b) Islamabad
    c) Lahore
    d) None of these

12) APNS represents

  1. a) Editors
    b) Reporters
    c) News paper owners
    d) None of these

13) P.T.V. started its transmission in the regime of:

  1. a) Ayub Khan
    b) Yahya Khan
    c) Butto
    d) None of these

14) Which is the largest circulated newspaper of Pakistan?

  1. a) The dawn
    b) The Jang
    c) The Nawa-e-Waqt
    d) None of these

15) The Nation is the sister publication of:

  1. a) The dawn
    b) The Jang
    c) The Nawa-e-Waqt
    d) None of these

16) AFP is the news agency of

  1. a) England
    b) America
    c) France
    d) Noneof these

17) Who was the founder of the Dawn?

  1. a) Haroon brothers
    b) Quaid-e-Azam
    c) Altaf Hussain
    d) None of these

18) Wax-Wyllie wrote

  1. a) Exploring Journalism
    b) Mass Communication
    c) Radio and T.V. Writing
    d) None of these

19) Who was the founder of yellow journalism:

  1. a) William Hurst
    b) William John
    c) William Hickey
    d) None of these

20) The Urdu edition of the Comrade was called:

  1. a) Humdard
    b) Jam-e-Jahan-Numa
    c) Akhbar-e-Jahan
    d) None of these