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Vitamin D:

i) Role: It is very important for the growth of children.
ii) Deficiency: Its deficiency causes “Rickets” in children and Osteoporosis in adults.
iii) Source: Egg yolk, liver, fish, milk.

Vitamin E:

i) Role: it plays an important role in wound healing, prevention of sterility, breaking blood clots and prevents damage of cells due to aging.
ii) Source: Leafy green vegetables, soya bean, cotton seed, liver, egg yolk, nuts etc.
iii) Deficiency: its deficiency slows down the formation of RBCs.
Vitamin K:

i) Role: essential for blood clotting.
ii) Deficiency: its deficiency causes “Blood clotting Disorder”
iii) Source: Leafy green vegetables, milk, fish, liver, alfalfa.