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1.quaid e azam fav game————billiard pakistan the word k means———– kashmir
3.length of suez canal———-100miles
4.length of Khyber pass————56k.m
5.iron lady——margret theacher
6.itly currency——-euro
7.holland currency———–dollar
8.seahorse is a———-fish bat length——–38 inches
10.pak hocky team first gold medal win in year———1960

11.icehocky is national game of country——-canada
12.founder of two nation theory——-sir syed ahmad khan
13.qrardad lahore me pakistan ka lafaz kis ne use kia—– begum Muhammad ali johar of cakes——scotland of bazaars——cairo
16.republic pak came in which constitution————-1956
17.presedent form of govt became which constitution——-1956
18.islam as head religion of pak became in constitution———1956
19.objective resolution passed in year— march 1949 cliff award given in year date——17aug, 1947
21. quaid e azam inagurated state bank with how much sum 3 million
22.neru report how many muslim members———2
23.bicameral system introduce in constitution of pak——1973
24.liaqat ali khan joined muslim leage in which year——–1922
25.woman joined firstly muslim leage in year———-1937
26.first session of muslim leage in city—— karachi council hq in city—– new york
28.pak became member of UN month——-sep 1947
29.first country accept pak in un——-iran
30.pak became member of nam in year——1979