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31.hydrabad after partition what status have—— baharat
32.lady of the lamp is———— Florence nightangle
33.british-indian association founded by———– sir syed ahmad khan
34.first president of pak———— sikander mirza unit formed in year———-1955
36.first constitution framed in year————-1956
37.first consitution ended by——– sikander mirza
38.baluchistan became province in year—–1970
39.mangla dam has tunnels ———–5
40.length of indus river in miles ———1700
41.oldest barrage of pak———— sukkar barrage or never written in year ————1933
43.lenfht of siachen glaciar—–72 k.m
44.pakistan signed defense pact———–1954
45. Pakistan join nuclear club——–1998
46.first civil cheif martial administrator———z.a.bhutto
47.jinnah join muslim league——–1913
48.balochistan give status of province—–1970
49.when sindh separate from balochistan——1935
50.pakistan won cricket world cup———-1992
51.another name of k.2 ———-gudwin Austin
52 ratio of military asset distribution b/w Pakistan / India — 25:75