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Pakistan Affairs / Current Affairs

1. B K Lashali: DIG Coast Guard
2. President India: Purnab Mukhar G
3. 3rd Governor: Ghulam Muhammad
4. Siachen: Karakuram Range
5. Chalghoza Forest: Zhob
6. Longest Reign: Hazrat Usman RA
7. White House Summit: Terror &
8. Light from Moon to Earth: 1.3sec
9. Body Temp: 37
10. Noble Peace Prize winner with
Malala: Kailash Satiarthi
11. 2015 UN Year for: Soil
12. Bolshevik Revolution: Russia
13. French Revolution: Nepolean
14. Veto Countries: 5
15. Siam old name: Thailand
16. Madrid Capital: Sspain
17. Largest Fresh Water Lake: Superior
18. ICC Worldcup 2019: England
19. Kevi: Newzeland
20. CM Punjab: Shahbaz Sharif
21. Operation North Wazeeristan: Zarb e
22. OIC: Organisation for Islamic
23. Dr Shahid Nawaz PIMS: Cardiologist
24. Polio: Peshawar
25. Benazir Airport: Islamabad