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General Knowledge MCQs

1. Sir, Syed Ahmad predicted difference b/w hindu and Muslims on which occasion? Urdu Hindi Controversy
2. Why Sir, Syed asked to Muslims to not join congress? Hindu’s domination on Congress
3. Who founded Sind Mudarsa Tul Islam? Ahmad Ali Afandi
4. Most important feature of Act.1935? Provinces Entity
5. Main factor of congress ministries resign? Finance Issue
6. Under which scheme Muslims League serenaded? Not Serenaded
7. Gourdaspur Pathankot why important? Land routes to Kashmir
8. Who first supported Pakistan resolution? Ch. Khaleeque Ul Zaman
9. Congress formed ministries in who many provinces ? 7
10. When Quaid say Muslim are parted parted forever? With Gandhi meeting
11. Who took oath from Quaid? Jt. Abdul Rasheed
12. Who became president of ML after Quaid? Ch. Khaleeque Ul Zaman
13. MALAKHRA is game of which province? Sind/Baluchistan
14. Who opposed Pakistan in UNO? Afghanistan
15. Urdu Alphabets? 37
16. Who wrote Emergence of Pakistan? Ch. Muhammad Ali
17. National anthem in which book of HJ? Charag-e-Saher
18. To which city Sitara-e-Istaqlal awarded in 1965 war? Sialkot
19. Which is biggest state of India at the time of independence? Haiderabad Dacan
20. Bicameral system introduced in Pak? 1973
21. Sir Creek issue related to? Boundary Issue in maritime
22. First atomic plant in Karachi installed with the help of ? Canada
23. Heavy complex foundry assisted by? China
24. Yellow journalism is?
25. Vitamin C for?