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26. Sound cant travel in? Vacuum
27. Bonded Labour? Labour under contract
28. Promptly means? At once
29. Inflation? Devaluation of money
30. Why UNO made? Opinion Forum
31. Bartter system? Exchange of Goods
32. Tax on import and export? Custom Duty
33. Optical fiber used? Telecommunication
34. Myopia is? Short Sightedness
35. PC contain electric ? Chips
36. PC strength? All
37. Calories? Unit of Diet
38. Slump? Fall of trade
39. Most predominant gas? Nitrogen
40. Loaf plural? Loaves
41. Diseases sacred by air?
42. Dialysis related to? Kidney
43. Three names of Kashmir? Jammu-Azad-Held Kashmir
44. Physiotherapy is related to? Joint Movement
45. Preach of Islam started at? Dar-e-Arqam
46. Component of Prophet at the time of Migration? Hazrat Abu Bakar (RA)
47. In democratic countries 4th pillar of state consider to? Press
48. Collation Govt. is? Gvt of different parties
49. Reuter is? News agency
50. Mixed economy? Gvt sector and Pvt Sector
51. Least populated continent? Antarctica
52. Largest planet? Jupiter
53. Largest gas reserve? Russia
54. Largest sea? South China Sea
55. Biggest bird? Ostrich
56. Althing parliament ? Iceland
57. 1st Asian nobel prize winner? Tegor
58. Oldest search engine? Yahoo
59. Lunar eclipse? Shadow of earth on Moon
60. Largest crude oil reserve? USA