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61. Which country won Football world cup 5 times?
62. 2nd largest economy? USA
63. Fastest game? Ice Hockey
64. Last town of Pak in route to china? Sost
65. Pakistan observer of? G-8
66. Heart beat of an adult? 72
67. Global worming caused by? C02
68. After USA which country won max Nobel prize? UK
69. Scout movement started? 1920
70. Leo tolsty was? Russian Writer
71. 22nd April is? Earth Day
72. Headquarter of Green Peace? N.Y


73. Parted-From
74. Limit-To
75. Privilege-For
76. Knocking-At


77. Cataclysm-Upheaval
78. Dormant-Inactive
79. Exemplify- Illustrate
80. Nonchalant- Casual
81. Outcast-Recluse
82. Partisan-Member
83. Alferd Nobel invented? Dynamite
84. Objective resolution contain? PM & President must be Muslim
85. Law is not law? Without Voilation
86. SAARC university? Khatmandu
87. International organizations headquarters? Geneva