Latest PPSC Journalism MCQs Type Sample Paper 2015 for Lecturers Jobs Must Prepare Now

Latest PPSC Journalism MCQs Type Sample Paper 2015 for Lecturers Jobs Must Prepare Now

  1. The phrase “the medium is the message” was coined by:

(a)Wilber Schramm (b)MnNelly (c)Herbert Marcuse (d)None of these

  1. An advertorial is

(a)A news (b)An article (c)An editorial
(d)None of these

  1. There is immediate feedback in:

(a) Mass communication

(b) Interpersonal communication

(c) Top-down communication

(d) None of these

  1. Film is a:

(a) Hot medium

(b) Cool medium

(c) Medium with low definition data

(d) None of these

  1. APNS is a:

(a) Newspaper workers

(b) Owners

(c) Newspaper hawkers

(d) None of these
(a) Sender (b) Channel (c) Receiver
(d) None of these

  1. Dawn newspaper was founded by:

(a) Faiz Ahmed Faiz (b) Quaid-i-Azam (c) Allama Iqbal
(d) None of these

  1. Communitarian journalism is:

(a) Civic journalism (b) Public journalism (c) Yellow journalism (d) Both (a) and (b)
09. The originator of phrase “fourth state” describing a press was a:


(b)Parliamentarian (Edmund Burke) (c)Bureaucrat
(d)None of these

  1. AP is a news agency of:


(d)None of these

  1. Scoop is: (a)Exclusive story
    (b)Sensational story (c)Scandal story (d)None of these
    12. Yellow journalism got its name from a:

(a)Cartoon character (b)Yellow kid (c)Both (a) and (b) (d)None of these
13. Libel is:

(a)Spoken accusation (b)Written accusation (c)Spoken defamation (d)None of these
14. Muckrakin investigates:


(d)None of these

  1. Classified ads are:

(a)Classified information (b)Brief advertisements (c)Both (a) and (b) (d)None of these
16. A banner headline of a newspaper is printed:

(a)In a box

(b)In the middle of a page (c)Across a whole page (d)None of these
17. PID is a:

(a)Federal government department

(b)Provincial department (c)Military department (d)None of these
18. A newspaper article depicts the opinion of:

(a)Editor (b)Writer (c)Government (d)None of these

  1. A brief description of a picture in words is called:

(a)Byline (b)Obituary (c)Caption (d)None of these
20. Tahzibul Akhlaq was launched by:

(a) Maulana Zafar Ali Khan (b)Maulana Hasrat Mohani (c)Maulana Abul Kalam Azad (d)None of these

1-which theory speaks about audience activity and freedom
2-a/c to German media theorist noelle – neumann people who don’t share opinions expressed by the majority of media become reluctant to voice their own views. What did she call this effect?
3-who viewed mass media are extensions of our senses?
4-2 step theory of mass communication tells us about
5-a/c to cultivation theory _____ occurs when the cultivation effect is boosted for certain group of population
6-elaboration likelihood model proposes that there are 2 main routes to attitude change
7-in studying how media’s influence is affected by peoples intelligence and education, individual difference theory is the example of the era of
8-klapper’s reinforcement theory argues that.
Dependency theory argues that.
9-survellence users of media.
10-theory that says media don’t do things to people, rather people do things with media is..
11-agenda setting media approach is primarily used to explain what type of media message?
12-the idea that people learn through observation is..
13-attitude inoculation seeks to strengthen beliefs.
14-which factor has been shown to influence the impact a discrepant message has on the audiences?
15-the central route is to _____ as the peripheral route is to ___

Latest PPSC Journalism MCQs Type Sample Paper 2015 for Lecturers Jobs Must Prepare Now