Latest Questions Sample Paper 2015 for (IB) Intelligence Bureau Competitive Examinations 2015 Must Prepare Now

34 Age of A is twice of B if sum of both ages is 18 what is the age of B?

35 Oxygen help in burning

36 Normal heart beat of adult is? 72-80

37 Sule hudebia signed with people of ….

38 One horse power is equal to…746 wat

39 Unit of electric current is …ampere

40 Holy Prophet (PBUH) performed how many hajj? ….1

41 Age of voting in Pakistan?….18

42 1st person to land on moon…-Neil Armstrong

  1. Who is the first president of USA? George Washington
  2. Jamia Masjid Delhi made by…Shahjahan
  3. Rectangle whose length is four times its width has perimeter 250. It’s area? Area 2500
  4. Area of square is 48. It’s perimeter? 16, 32, (none of these)
  5. Pak conducted nuclear tests on: 28th May 1998
  6. Meteorology study of weather
  7. Heat from sun received by the earth through (radiation, convection, conduction)
  8. Harvard University at USA
  9. Kashmir Black day observed on …