Latest Questions Sample Paper 2015 for (IB) Intelligence Bureau Competitive Examinations 2015 Must Prepare Now

Most Repeated Math Questions

1. 1mm paper folded 50 times how much distance? None of these

2. sum of ages of 3 persons is 80, what was sum of ages 3 years ago?71

3. 20 paisa, 25 paisa coins question

4. book pages numbering has how many digits?1075

5. Hundred cats eat 100 mice in 100 days.. 4 cats will eat 4 mice in? 100 days

6. A man complete a journey in 10 hours. He travels first half of the journey at the rate of 21 km/hr and second half at the rate of 24 km/hr. Find the total journey in km. 224 or something like that

7. A car traveling with of its actual speed covers 42 km in 1 hr 40 min 48 sec. Find the actual speed of the car. 35KM/h

8. A farmer traveled a distance of 61 km in 9 hours. He traveled partly on foot @ 4 km/hr and partly on bicycle @ 9 km/hr. The distance traveled on foot is: 16