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• Before partition, there were only three dams in our country:
1-Khushdil Khan(1890-Balochistan)
3-Namal Dam(1913-Mianwali)
• First atomic energy institute: January 1955
• Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC):1956—Dr.Nazir Ahmed-first chairman
• Colombo Plan: 6 year development plan—1951—focused Pakistan
• NWFP Referendum: July 6-17, 1947
• Congress Ministies of NWFP(Dr.Khan Sahib) dismissed by Quaid on August 22,1947
• Liaquat Ali Khan’s first foreign visit after partition was towards India in April 1950
• Khawaja Nazimudin resigned on April 19,1953​
• Sindh was separated from Bombay presidency in the year 1935
• The first General elections of Pakistan were held in the year 1970
• Immediately after Independence from the British India forcefully annexed Kashmir.
• The first Saint to came South Asia Sheikh ismail lahori 1005 A.D
• Who is called the “Parrot of India”? Amir Khusro
➢ Total area of Pakistan is 769,096 sq km, and the total area of Azad Kashmir is 13,297 km.
➢ Pakistan lies between 61E to 75.5 E longitrade and 24N to 37N Latitudes.
➢ The standard time of Pakistan is five hours ahead of Greenwhich Mean time.
➢ The tropic of Cancer (23N 30N) does and allow the sun rays to become very, therefore Pakistan records high temperature in summer and the winter are not very severe.
➢ Pakistan is surrounded by land on three sickles east, west and North and Arabian Sea is on its South and makes 1046 km (650 miles) coast line.
➢ Pakistan’s territory sea limit is 12 nm; the Exclusive meantime economic zone of Pakistan is 240 nm.
➢ Out of the total area of Pakistan 1% is levered by Islamabad (906 sq km).
➢ Out of total area of Pakistan, FATA covers 3% I, e. 27,220 sq km.
➢ 58% area of Pakistan is covered by Mountains and plateaus and 42% by plains and detests.
➢ Pakistan is Land locked from three sides. It has following immediate neighbors.