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➢ Siachen is the highest battlefield in world it is the largest glacier of Pakistan it is 45 miles long and 2000 feet high.
➢ K-2 is the highest mountain in Pakistan, it is located in Karakoram mountain range, and its height is 8611 meters. It was first conquered by Good win Austin in 1954 that’s why it is also called Good win Austin. It is the second highest peak in the world.
➢ The youngest mountains of the world (Himalayas) are present in Pakistan but oldest mountains are in India.Karakoram Range separates Pakistan from china and made a boundary between two countries.
➢ Hindu Kush Range separates Pakistan from Afghanistan.
➢ The Karakoram Mountains lie on North of the Indus River and extend northward beyond the borders of Pakistan. They are nearly 200 km wide.
➢ The Karakoram Range is most extensively snow covered, eighteen glaciers ranging from 7 km to 72 km are found here. The longest are the Siachen 72 kms and the Biafo 625 kms.
➢ Total area covered by glaciers in Pakistan is 13% of total area of Pakistan it is 13680 sq km.
➢ Batura, Biafo Shispar chogo Lungma glaciers are also located in Karakoram Mountain Range.
➢ The world’s highest passes such as Khunjrab, Lawari and Shandoor are siuated in Karakoram Mountain Range.
➢ The highest Peak of Himalayas Range in Pakistan is Naga Parbat. It is 8126m high and second highest Peak in Pakistan. It was first conquered in 1953.
➢ The highest Peak of Hindu Kush range is Tirch Mir. It is 7670m high. It starts from Pamir.
➢ In Pakistan five Peaks have more than 8000m height. Pakistan has 82 Peaks in her territory.
➢ Hindu Kush Mountain is mostly located in Afghanistan. It guards the northern border of Pakistan. Areas of Chitral and Dir are in this Mountain Range.
➢ Valley of Hunza is in between the Karakoram and Himalaya is located near the is on the South of River Kabul. It is 3000 m high.
➢ Khyber Pass is also located in Koh-e-Safed Mountain Range. Its average height is 3000m.
➢ The highest Peak of Koh-e-Sulaiman range is Takhat-e-Sulaiman. Its height is 3500m.
➢ Siachen glacier is located in the region of Baltistan. It is the largest glacier of Pakistan it is 72km long. It is also the highest glacier of Pakistan.
➢ The highest pass in Pakistan is Karakoram pass, Khyber Pass is 54km long pass; it connects Pakistan with Afghanistan through Peshawar.
➢ Dargai Pass connects Mardan with Malakand.
➢ Lawari Pass located in Dir is 3188m high. It connects Dir with Chitral.