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➢ Bolan Pass located in Sulaiman Range is 989 meters high. It connects Quetta with Sindh Plains.
➢ Gomal pass located in Waziristan Hills connects Dera Ismail Khan with Ghazni a Province of Afghanistan.
➢ Babusar pass located in great Himalaya is a link between Mansehra and Northern Areas of Pakistan. It is 4173m high. It also connects Abbotabad with Gilgit.
➢ Khojak passes connects Cheman with Qila Abdullah (Afghanistan). It is 1312m high in Toba Kakar Range.
➢ Malakand pass connects Peshawar with Chitral.
➢ Baroghil pass connects Chitral with Wahkhan.
➢ Muztagh pass connects Baltistan with China. It is a gateway to Chinese area Yarkand.
➢ The Baroghil pass connects Pakistan with Wahkhan in Afghanistan.
➢ The Dorah and Shera Shing passes also lie between Pakistan and Afghanistan.
➢ Potwar Plateau and the salt ranges are in between the River Indus and River Jehlum.
➢ Margalla Hills of Islamabad are located in the Potwar Plateau. It is on the River Soan.
➢ The Passes Kurram, Tochi and Cromal are named after the rivers near which they are located.
➢ River Swat is a tributary of River Kabul.
➢ Lake Saiful Muluk in the upper Kaghan Valley is located in Himalaya Range.
➢ Satpara Lake near Skardu is located in the Himalaya Mountain Range of Pakistan.
➢ Beautiful Hill station of Pakistan live Ghora Gali, Nathia Gali and Murree are located in Himalaya Mountain Range.
➢ Sakesar 1527 meters high Peak is the highest Peak of Salt Range in Pakistan.
➢ Kallar Kahar, Uchali and Khabeki are the beautiful laves of River Jehlum in Salt Range.
➢ Warsak Dam is built on Kabul River.
➢ The Tanda Dam is the Kohat River, which is a tributary of Kabul River.
➢ The chagai Hills, the northernmost range are located at Pakistan Afghan border they are about 130km long.
➢ Tala Jogian is a highest Peak of Salt Range, it is 975 meters high. It is in between River Jehlum & River Sawan.
➢ The Pakistan total Coastal area is 1046 Kilometers long, the Makran Coast extending from Karachi in the east to Jiwani in the west. Overall the Makran Coast is fairly straight with no marked indentions.
➢ The Makran Coast has a number of uplift terraces which make an Island shape there are Cliften Hills, Manora, Cape Morze, Ormara, Gwadar and Jiwani.The largest Island of Pakistan is Manora.
➢ Sinking is a Chinese Provice with which Pakistani boundry is connected.
➢ Zahidan is area of Iran with which Pakistani boundary is connected.