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First female chancellor in the Pakistan
Begum Ra’na Liaqat Ali Khan
First female vice chancellor in Pakistan
Najma Najam
First female university of Pakistan
Fatima Jinnah Women University
First female gold champion in Pakistan
Shehzadi Gulfam
First female representative of Pakistan in the UN
Shaista Ikramullah
First Pakistan to win the prestigious Pulitzer Prize
Adrees Latif
First female governor State Bank of Pakistan
Shamshad Akhtar
First women Pilot in Pakistan
Shukriya Khanam
First Secretary General of Pakistan
Ch. Muhammad Ali
First Administrator of Karachi
Syed Hasham Raza
First Chairman of senate
Habib ullah Khan
President of first Constitution Assembly of Pakistan
First female deputy speaker in Pakistan
Begum Jahanara Shahnwaz
First female member of Parliament
Begum Shaista Suhrawady Ikramullah
First female minister of education
Begum Mahmooda Salim Khan
First female minister of Population
Dr. Attiya Inayatullah
First Pakistan minister of information
Syeda Abida Hussain
First female Pakistani minister of finance
Benazir Bhutto