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Biggest library found in Pakistan
Punjab Library
Biggest airline of Pakistan
Biggest railway workshop in Pakistan
Mughalpura (Lahore)
Largest city of Pakistan
Largest District of Pakistan
Biggest desert found in Pakistan
Highest battle field in Pakistan
Siachin Glacier
Hottest place in Pakistan
Biggest airport of Pakistan
Quaid-e-Azam Airport Karachi
Biggest Commercial Bank of Pakistan
Habib Bank Limited
Biggest Barrage of Pakistan
Sukkur Barrage (1932)
Oldest airline of Pakistan
Orient Airline
Oldest private Airline of Pakistan
Hajvery Airline
Largest & longest river
Indus (2896 Km) 1800 miles
Biggest man-made lake found in Pakistan
Keenjhar Lake (Thatha)
Biggest natural lake in Pakistan
Manchar Lake (Dadu)
Pakistan’s largest Stock Exchange
Highest pass
Mustagh Pass (6000 meters)
Biggest Gas field
Sui Gas field
Biggest hydroelectric power station
Tarbela Dam