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Largest jungle of Pakistan
Changa Manga
Highest military award
Highest civil award
Nishan-e- Pakistan
The Longest Coastal area in Pakistan
Balochistan (771 kms long) (total 1046 km)
The Longest Frontier
Pakistan-Afghanistan border |(2252 kms)
The Longest Railways Platform
Rohri (Sindh) Length, 1,896 feet
The Longest Railway Track in Pakistan
Karachi to Landi Kotal
The Longest Road in Pakistan
Karachi to Peshawar
The Longest Tunnel (Railway) in Pakistan
Khojak Balochistan (Length 2.43 miles)
The Longest Tunnel in Pakistan
Lowari (Length 5 miles)
The Longest (Water) in Pakistan
Warsak Dam Tunnel (Length 3.5 miles)
The Tallest Tower in Pakistan
Minar-e-Pakistan (Hight 196 feet 8 inches)
The Tallest Minaret in Pakistan
Four minarets of Shah Faisal Mosque with a height of 286 feet each.
The Tallest Mountain Pass Pakistan
Muztagh Pass (Nothern Areas) height 19,030 feet
The Tallest Mountain Peak Pakistan
K-2 (Karakoram) height 28,269 feet
The Tallest Railway Station Pakistan
Khan Mehtarzai (height 2,221 feet)
First Loin of Pakistan was designed by
The area lowest rainfall in Pakistan