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17. Wavell Plan
Lord Wavell
Envisaged constitution of executive council in such a way as to give representation to all major communities in India
18.Cabinet Mission Plan
Lord Wavell
Envisaged establishment of Constituent Assembly to frame the Constitution
19. Indian Independence Act
Lord Mountbatten
India partitioned and attained independence

1. Jinnah the creator of Pakistan​Hector Bolitho
2. Thoughts on Pakistan​Dr. Ambedkar
3. Myth of independence & Great Tragedy​Z. A. Bhutto
4. Foreign Policy of Pakistan​Z. A. Bhutto
5. Evolution of Pakistan​Sharif-Ud-Din Pirzada
6. Foundation of Pakistan​Sharif-Ud-Din Pirzada
7. Quaid –e-Azam Jinnah. The story of a Nation​G. Allana
8. Our Freedom Fighters​G. Allana
9. Emergence of Pakistan​M. A. Choudhry
10. India wins Freedom​Maulana Abul Kalam Azad
11. Mission with Mountbatton​Cambell Johnson
12. The Making of Pakistan​K.K. Aziz
13. The Transfer of Power in India​V. P. Menon
14. Jinnah: India-Pakistan-Independence​Jaswant Singh (17 August 2009)
15. The great Divide ​H. V. Hudson
16. In the Line of Fire​Pervez Musharraf
17. The Daughter of East​Benzir Bhutto
18. Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam ​Allam Iqbal
19. Freedom Moment of India​I. H. Qureshi
20. Jinnah of Pakistan​Stanlay Walport