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21. Zulfi of Pakistan​Stanlay Walport
22. Muslim India and the Birth of Pakistan​S. M Ikram
23. Friends not Masters​Ayub Khan
24. Struggle for Pakistan​I. H. Qureshi
25. Pakistan formative Phase​K. B. Saeed
26. Political System of Pakistan​K. B. Saeed
27. Politics in Pakistan​K. B. Saeed
28. Jinnah as I know him​Abdul Hassan Isphahani
29. Pathway to Pakistan​Ch. Khaliq-uz-zaman
30. Ulema in Polictcs​I. H. Qureshi
31. Our Indian Muslims​W. W. Hunter
32. Medieval India ​Lane Poole
33. Divide and Quit​Moon, Penderal
34. Five Thousand Years of Pakistan​R. E. M. Wheeler
35. Towards Pakistan​Waheed-ur—Zaman
36. Now or Never​Ch. Rehmat Ali
37. Pakistan the Heart of Asia​Liaquat Ali Khan
38. Incomplete Partition​Alastair Lamb
39. My Last day with Quaid​Ilahi Bux
40. The Sole Spokesman​Aysha Jalal
41. A New History of Pakistan​K. Ali
42. Modern Muslim India and the birth of Pakistan​S. M. Ikram
43. History of Muslim Civilization in India and Pakistan​S. M. Ikram
44. My Experiments with Truth ​Mahtma Gandhi
45. Constitutional Development of Pakistan​G. W. Chaudhry
46. The Idea of Pakistan​Stephen Philip Cohen
47. India as I Knew it​M.F.O Dwyer
48. History of Saracens , Spirit of Islam​Syed Ameer Ali
49. My Life a Fragment​M. Ali Johar
50. A Nation in Making​Serandere Nath Benerji
51. Pakistan or Partition of India​Dr. Ambedkar