One Paper MCQs Solved Preparation Material All in One for PPSC FPSC NTS PTS OTS

• “Dead Sea” is lying between Israel and Jordan.
• “Thomas Cup” is given in the game of Badminton.
• Rotterdam is the seaport of Netherland.
• “Victoria Fall” is in Rhodesia.
• “Das-Man-Palace” is the official residence of Amir-e-Kuwait.
• “No dynasty lasts more than three generations “ is the theory of Ibn Khaldun.
• Greece is a World’s oldest democratic country.
• After Sui, Mari is the second largest gas field in Pakistan.
• Holy Prophet (PBUH) appointed governer of yeman for collection zakat? Hazrat Muaz Bin Jabal
• Australia is the largest wool produceing country.
• “Baku” is the seaport on Black Sea.
• Karakum desert located inTurkmenistan.
• Minsk is the capital of? Belarus
• Baht is the currency of? Thailand
• Fleet Street is famous for newspapers.
• Sikandry Azam belongs to which country? Macedonia
• Smallest country of the world is Vatican City.
• The lowest rainfall area in Pakistan is? Nokhundi
• Interfax is the news agency of? Russia
• Heathrow is the seaport of? London
• Largest producer of uranium is? Canada
• Which country is situated below the sea level? Netherlands
• Who was the painter of Mona Lisa? Leonardo Davinci
• Neza e Sultan is an extinct volcano located in Chagai District, Baluchistan, have deep resources of Sulfur.
• Yellow sea is situated between? China and Korea
• Longest land boundary between two countries? USA and Canada
• When the Simla Accord was signed? July 3, 1972
• When did Pakistan become member of United Nations? 30th Sep 1947
• Which country opposed Pakistan’s membership in United Nations? Afghanistan
• Author of “Paradise Lost & Paradise Regained” was John Milton.
• Asgheri aur Akbari kis novel k do mash’hoor kirdar hain? Mira-Tul-Aroos
• “Shikwa aur Jawab-e-Shikwa” Iqbal k konsay kalam main hain? Bang-e-Dara
• Waqa-e-Karbala kis hijri main howa?61 hijri

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