One Paper MCQs Solved Preparation Material All in One for PPSC FPSC NTS PTS OTS

• The famous British Naval commander, who defected the French Naval Fleet at Nile in 1788 and at Trafalgar in 1805 was Horatio Nelson.
• Doer war fought between South Africa and British.
• Fighting broke out between Greeks and the Turks in July 1974.
• At the end of Second World War in 1945, Germany was divided among 4 major powers.
• In Opium war Britain fought against China.
• Gulf war Jan 1991 stopped in Feb 28, 1991.
• Iran-Iraq was started in Sep 1980 and ended in Aug1988.
• Lloyd George of Great Britain represented in treaty of Versailles.
• Germany remained in grip of allied occupation from 1994 to 1952.
• The American general who acted as the supreme commander of Allied forces in Europe during the second world war was D.D Eisenhower.
• The criminals of the Second World War were trailed in the city of Nuremburg.
• Break up of Germany occurred on 1945 and merger on Oct 3, 1990.
• Iraq occupied Kuwait on 2nd Aug 1990.
• USA dropped an atom bomb on Hiroshima on 6th August 1945.
• First World War begun on 1914 A.D. and Second World War started in 1939 when Germany attacked on Poland, it is also considered as greatest war.
• Germans call a WW1 sea fight Battle of Skagerrak what in UK: Battle of Jutland
• Operation Thunderbolt was the nickname given to which raid Israeli raid on Entebbe
• In WW2 the Germans launched operation Bernhard – what Counterfeit British Notes
• In WW2 what was the German codename for invasion of Russia- Barberossa
• Operation Dracula in WWII freed what city- Rangoon Burma
• Which 19th century battle UK / USA fought after peace signed- Battle of New Orleans
• Waterloo is now in… Belgium
• The Duke of Wellington defeated Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815.
• In Battle of Sabroan, English defeated Sikhs and captured Lahore.
• Iraq occupied Kuwait in August 1990.
• North Korea invaded South Korea in 1950.
• Darfur conflict is in Sudan.

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