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• Buckingham palace is the residence of British king and Queen is in London.
• 10 Downing Street is the residence of British PM.
• Queen’s house is the official residence of Sri Lankan president.
• Great Wall of China was built in the reign of Shih Huang-ti
• Blue House is the official residence in .. South Korea
• Istana Merdeke is the official residence of President of Indonesia.
• Elysee palace is the name of the residence of Franch President.
• What country’s leader does not have an official residence: Cuba

• Bond Street is located in London. It is famous for tailoring and jewelry.
• Dalal Street is located in Mumbai (India). It is the stock exchange market of Mumbai.
• Drowning Street No. 10 is located at Westminster (England). It is famous for the official residence of the British Prime Minister. It was named after Sir George Drowning, a diplomat under Cromwell and King Charles II.
• Elgin Street is located in Scotland. It is the world’s shortest street.
• Young Street is located in Toronto (Canada). It is the longest street in the world.
• Vicolo della virilita is the world’s narrowest street.
• Canal Street is the widest street in USA.
• Broadway (USA) is famous for various theaters and cinema halls. It is regarded as biggest street in the world.
• Fleet Street is in London where newspaper offices and press agencies are located.
• The busiest shopping centre of London is Oxford Street
• Lombart Street is located in San Francisco. This street is also called the Crookedest Street. It is the financial centre in San Francisco.
• Wall Street is located in New York. It was built in 1653. It is famous for banking, finance and stock exchange market.
• In which London Street is the US embassy- Grosvener Square.