One Paper MCQs Solved Preparation Material All in One for PPSC FPSC NTS PTS OTS

• Date Line, International: International Date Line is an internationally agreed line drawn parallel to the 180° meridian. It divides the Pacific Ocean into two equal parts. A crossing of the International Date Line entails repeating one day when travelling westwards.
• Aberdeen in Scotland is known for Britain’s largest granite-exporitng industry. It is knwn as Granite City.
• Alexander (ship) is the name of the ship in which Charles Darwin toured for five years.
• Mediterranean climate has the characteristic of ‘dry summers with great sunshine and rainy winters’
• Precipitation takes place whentemperature of moisture in air sharply decreases
• Which of the following processes is related to the formation of Himalayas? Folding
• The term ‘Eye’ in a cyclone refers to circular region of relatively light Winds
• Gold Harp bridge of Istanbul connects Asia with Europe.
• Land occupied by Asia 29.7 %.
• Thickness of earth crust 20 miles.
• 45 Countries are there in Asia, 18 in Latin America.
• A meteorological term for a high pressure is called anticyclone. * ATP is a molecule containing high energy bonds.
* The primary producers of organic matter in nature are Green plants.
* The primary plant body consist of 3 tissue systems.
* A tissue is a group of cells having similar structure and function.
* The edible portion of mango is Mesocarp.
* The rice grain is a seed.
* Ethylene is a hormone concerned with Ripening of fruits.
* The biotic relationship between insects and plants with reference to pollination is called Mutualism.
* Opium is obtained from seed capsule of opium poppy.
* Carbon dioxide is required during photosynthesis process in addition to sunlight and water.
* The cavity of Ascaris is known as Coelom.
* The membranous labyrinth of the ear is filled with Endolymph.
* Crura-cerebri is found in Mid-brain.
* The compound eye of insect produces Mosaic vision.
* The post embryoniv stages in the life history of cockroach is known as Nymphs.
* Ptyalin is present in the saliva.

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