One Paper MCQs Solved Preparation Material All in One for PPSC FPSC NTS PTS OTS

• The most common element in the universe is Hydrogen (H), according for 90 percent of all known matter in the universe, and68 percent by mass in the Solar System.
• Radium was discovered by Mario Curie Pierre Curie.
• Railway Engine was invented by Stephenson.
• The largest bone of human body is Thigh Bone.
• The proportion of water in human body is about 85%. (Blood in Human Body 5-6 Liter 10 % of total volume )
• Cockroach is considered as the ancient insect of the world.
• “Rickets” is a disease of the bones ( due to deficiency of Vitamin D ).
• Sound will travel fastest in Solids.
• Lack of oxygen at high altitude produces bleeding.
• Chronometer is used to measure time while on ship.
• Dental enamel is the hardest thing present in a human body.
• The density of a liquid is measured by Hydrometer.
• ‘Fathom’ is the unit of measurement of depth.
• Iron is the most widely used metal.
• A human body has 236 joints. (206 bones , new baby contains 300). There are 24 ribs in a human body.
• A colour blind person cannot distinguish between Red and Green.
• Hippocrates is considered as the father of Medicine.
• Platinum is the costliest metal in the world.
• The main component of a TV is a cathode ray tube.
• A man breathes 17 to18 times in a minute.
• The breathing rate is controlled by the medulla.
• The only metal which is liquid at ordinary temperature is Aluminium.
• In the normal composition of human body oxygen is 64 percent.
• The use of fingerprints for identification purposes was first proposed by the British scientist Sir Francis Galton.
• Who invented ‘Printing Press’? Gutenberg
• Who invented ‘Television’? John L. Baird
• Who was the inventor of ‘mercury thermometer’? Fahrenheit
• Albert Einstein presented ‘theory of relativity’.

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